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Painting serendipity

The other day, V wanted to paint. As I was gathering the paint, brushes, etc., I saw our pack of pipecleaners and decided to fashion some brushes/stamps from them. Big hit!!

Blurry pictures - I was in a hurry.

pipecleaner brushes 002

This one is a bird foot. Ha.

pipecleaner brushes 001

She used a regular brush and the pipecleaners.

painting 001

I also look forward to when she's a bit older and can make her own brushes. Fun!

Later on today's agenda - we got some plants and pots to plant them in (even though we haven't moved yet - it may be a few months). It will be small, but let the fairy garden begin!


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Hi, I found your blog through The Crafty Crow and so glad I did! Your photography is beautiful. The chenille stem painting is so whimsical, I love it :)


What a great idea - can't wait to use it ourselves.... we're all about painting right now!


Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

Cute idea!


We've been doing some painting here an there at our place, too. Love your homemade pipe cleaner brushes!


Awesome idea. Thanks for this!

Fighting Windmills

The bird's foot is really sweet! I want to try that. Congratulations on winning the book, Artist to Artist.

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