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11 September 2008


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well done.

I totally know what your day was like.

(and I'm glad you got the guitar)

(and v is going to do wonderfully in ballet... if you have a carters store near you, they sell leotards in wee sizes)


Lovely :)) am sure you will get awesome pics of V dancing :)

Kim Payne

I think sometimes we need to buy our children things as much for our own feelings as for theirs; because it makes us happy to see them happy. Or maybe that's just me.

Wayfaring Wanderer

A whirlwind of a day compared to what you originally had in mind.....

Oh, and shot me if I ever say "sleeping in" & 7 in the same sentence :o) I should get up earlier on the weekends, but 9-10 is the norm.


This was just wonderful to read this morning. Thank you.

Fighting Windmills

I have a leotard and tights and slippers that I could mail you if you are interested. My daughter has outgrown them, but the outfit is so expensive and was only used for 12 weeks. I'd love to hand it down to V.

lisa e.

I understand how those days can be. And sleeping in? What is that?

You remembered. After walking out of the grocery store early in the morning, my little boy (2 1/2) pointed up in the air and asked, "mami, was is da?" I looked up. A flag half raised. I remembered.

rachel whetzel

I love you.

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