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22 October 2008


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» November in Black and White from Knot Sew Crafty
As October draws to a close, I'm going to take some inspiration from Springtree Road's November in B [Read More]


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Julia @ Hooked on Houses

What a fun idea! I love black and white photos. Can't wait to see what everybody posts.


I'm in! I'm in!! :) and I'm way excited :)


phew i saw mama of letters link and thought it was all month b&w only! i couldn't dod that not our last colorful month before winters long march... but i can do it ANd color. phew. :)


nope, it's very relaxed. just do what you like.

Fighting Windmills

This will be fun, Maya. Thanks for making it a thing that we can join in on. I will be sure to post some B&W on my blog at some point during November.


Cool beans! A button!


I'd love to join in! My favorite thing to do is shoot in black and white---and I haven't done that in quite some time!


I am glad you are doing this and will surely be playing along some Maya ~

Wayfaring Wanderer

Awesome little project......I love my color too much!


Excellent--I'm in desperate need of inspiration!


I just now figured out how to find the setting to switch my camera (Kodak Easyshare Z730) to B&W. I am going to have so much fun with this! I can't do NO color at all, since Nov. is all about changing leaves before the grey of winter, but I can switch back and forth. I'm in!


Me Me too!! This is a great idea and perfect time of year! I loved when I joined the macro challenge, I learned so much. Thanks for setting this up!!


Hooray! I managed to get the button on my blog! (I am functionally illiterate as far as computers go.)


I wanna join! fun!


I would like to play along, but I have to post MANY MANY MANY family sessions in November...and they cannot ALL be black and white. So how would you like me to play along? Let me know. Maybe I can just post the particular photo I am entering?

Let me know! :0)


Hi! I found your site through Red Or Gray. I am a very amateur photographer, but I would like to play along! Here's my post for today:


Now I'm off to look at everyone's b & w's!

Monkey's Momma

Maya, I want to join in! Here is my post.

Sheri Edwards

I decided to try this as well!! It was really fun and I hope to try some more shots this month!! Thanks for this fun challenge!! I love seeing everyone's pictures!!

Sheri Edwards

Oopps!!! Here's the link to my first attempt at this challenge: http://edwardsfamilytidbits.blogspot.com/2008/11/taking-b-challenge-part-1.html

Diane Schuller

Love this idea. My first one is only over at my Flickr stream but I definitely will do some at my blog.

Today's contribution: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27458974@N00/3032563582/

Future ones in November at: http://albertaphotography.wordpress.com/


This is great! I know I'm late to the party but I am totally game... this first of my posts is more desat than b&w but like I said... late to the party.
Will be true to the "rules" in posts to come!!

kim baise

How cool this blog is! I want to link my black and white pics from my post
Thank You Maya,

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