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23 October 2008


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Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Oh, wow, I LOVE this post. One of my favorite things is to see a house with history--and this one even comes with a famous ghost! How cool that you found that old photograph of the house to show us, too.

Thanks for joining the blog party, Maya!


What a wonderful, old house. Ever since I got my camera I've been meaning to visit the William Harris Homestead, whom my cousin runs. I know I'll get some fantastic photos there if I ever get in gear.


Awesome old house...thanks for sharing!




Your photos are beautiful, the lighting really enhances the textures; I love them! Historic homes are awesome, 15 people in 2 rooms...I don't think kids today could handle it!

Le @ Third on the Right

That pic of the cobble stones with moss is divine - thanks for sharing and stopping by downunder - cheers le

Linda@lime in the coconut

Beautiful! Full of history! Great pics also, you can practically see the hands that built it!

Mrs. B.

Ooooh...how neat! What a different house to tour for HOH. :) Thank you for the history. Great photos.


What a great tour. And I really love your pics. You have a knack for catching wonderful detail in interesting light. Great post!

Fifi Flowers

GREAT historical home! It looks like it's held together with peanut butter! GREAT photos!

Passion for Rugs

We are so far removed from that way of life now, it's hard to comprehend, isn't it? Very interesting -Jane

Amy from Texas

I love this post. What a clever house tour to add to Julia's party. We all get a history lesson too:-) Thanks for sharing!

Monkey's Momma

Very cool story! Love the pictures too (as always). We will be driving through Tennessee next week on our way to visit family in North Carolina.


What a perfect tour for this time of year. History always captivates me when the weather starts getting brisk. Thank you! I especially like seeing the old photo to compare. This building has been so well maintained--what a treasure to have near you.
Thank you for stopping by my tour of a home in Prague earlier today, too.

Linda Merrill from ::Surroundings::

Loved the history post and your photos are fantastic!


I loved this tour!! The history is amazing and your pictures of it are wonderful. You're right, those ARE interesting names!

Thank you so much for sharing it :)


What beautiful photography this is - I love it. And I've always loved history - so this is very interesting to me. Thank you for sharing it!

laura @ the shorehouse.

I love this post, too! I'm totally "Hooked on Historical Houses" (hey...maybe that's Julia's next tour. :-) I just love that a little second room enabled them to take on boarders. And...I would totally be camped out there waiting for the ghost.


I loved reading this post and learning this history, seeing these images. Thanks.


Love to see these rare old homes. Very unique tour. Beth


I don't know if anyone else can see it, but
in the last picture, bottom right, I can
see an image of a man. Maybe he was there
after all.


Ewww! I was thinking the same thing.....Robyn

Pennie Mills

Wow, what an interesting tour and awesome info you gave along with it. The pictures are wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks so much-Pennie

Brenda Kula

Just found you. Lovely story. And even lovelier old home. Wish I had one built that sturdily. Loved this post.


Fantastic tour!

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