Dreams of Springtree Road
A hair washing good time


Just this week V has learned to gasp. She gasps at everything. She makes me laugh constantly, which is always appreciated.

Today we went to Target and bought some stuff we didn't really need. I saw and almost bought Dooce's tiny hippo, but I thought about it and decided I only really wanted it because she has one and I have a crush on her blog, so I left it behind. We're not much in a buying trinkets phase of our lives right now. There's really nowhere to put them in this tiny apartment. On top of the TV? Great.

After Target, we drove around downtown Knoxville.

v2 034

We have lived here almost two years now and I know next to nothing about the town. I am terrible about getting out of the house - I just don't like it. I like to stay home. I could probably stay home for three months easy and never get bored. The next place we move - whether we move to Charlotte, Nashville (the two most likely contenders) or stay here and just move into an actual house (oh yes, it's past time) - I have decided that I have to get out more. Learn the city. Maybe find a friend or two or ten and definitely a playgroup for V.

v2 052

So we drove around downtown and looked at the pretty buildings.

v2 032

Then we drove through a neighborhood that I would love to investigate more. Houses. Love them.

v2 047


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I don't get out of the house either. I like it here. I love your photos, as always.


This Maya, is for you:

And shouldn't this go on your wish list?

I think the author of the book is giving an interview to the writer of that blog in the near future!

Camille =)

Hooked on Houses

Hi, Maya! Thanks for stopping by my blog "Hooked on Houses" today. Thought I'd check out your blog and I'm glad I did. Your pictures are beautiful here--love the bungalow and the pic/story about your grandparents' place. I'll be back again! -Julia K :-)


My daughter is 16 now, but I remember the first movie I ever took her to see was The Lion King - imagine that darkened theatre, and suddenly the song reverberates, and the opening "sunset" appears - my daughter's gasp was magical and it makes me teary when I think of it...


Love your photos, the red brick in the first is amazing!

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