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Right out of college, I worked for a typesetter. I used to cut out quotes that caught my eye from the books I worked on. This one I saved comes from a book called Architecture and Modernity: A Critique by Hilde Heynen. And it's a quote of a quote - Hilde is quoting Adolf Loos. Why yes, I did love that job (just not the working environment - right Shelli?).

I did not grow up, thank God, in a stylish home. At that time no one knew what it was yet. Now unfortunately, everything is different in my family too. But in those days! Here was the table, a totally crazy and intricate piece of furniture, an extension table with a shocking bit of work as a lock. But it was our table, ours! Can you understand what that means? Do you know what wonderful times we had there? ... Every piece of furniture, every thing, every object had a story to tell, a family history. The house was never finished; it grew along with us and we grew within it.


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Please don't remind me.

I think I found a little clipped piece of a quote I kept somewhere recently.


P.S. Love the quote. It's how I feel about so many things in this house.

Hooked on Houses

This is a great quote. Even in the '70s and '80s it was so different. Our homes weren't as "self-conscious" and staged. I think back on my childhood home with a lot of fondness, even though it was kind of hideous, decorating-wise! ;-)


Thanks. This makes me feel much better about raising our son in our small apartment. It is still our home.

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