Oliver Springs


I wanted to participate in the prompt from Shutter Sisters this morning, but it's taken me all day to think of "something precious to [me]—something unexpected, discovered and clung to as an artifact of some fabulous epic or episode."

This picture is of my dresser. I've had it since I was 4. I know my parents got it when we lived in DC and that it came from an antique store. It has dovetailing and wooden pegs driven into the top of it, but the back is a piece just flimsy wood, so I have no idea if it's actually old or what. The drawers are difficult to open and the front of the bottom drawer comes off easily.

But I love it.



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sweetsalty kate

great story! I love bashed up old furniture too - the more rustic, the more story is has, in my opinion. Lovely capture too!


Wonderful! I love antiques...or junk. Whichever.

I saw that prompt but I haven't had time to do any picture taking today. Cleaning bathrooms and all.


I hear that! Keep it forever. This evidence of the you that once was is invaluable :) - Molly

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