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Snippets: very brave and very strong

Graffiti hunting

I kept seeing this graffiti from the highway and decided that I needed to go take a picture of it today. I thought it was down a simple access road that ran along the highway, but it actually leads to a very large building site. I drove a little way past the access road and then turned around where there were two picketers sitting outside one of the entrances to the site. Labor dispute. They're sitting behind the sign.

Shame on Leopardo

It was eerie driving down the road to get the shot I wanted, but at some point you just can't turn back. There were busted up rocks and garbage and abandoned building materials everywhere. I saw a mattress and other things that should be in people's houses. I guess folks have started using it to dump their stuff. That's a dead-of-night activity, I suppose.

v2 graffiti hunting 010 crop

I got the shot, turned around, and got the hell out of there.

v2 graffiti hunting 003

After being so bold, I had leftover courage to stop and take a picture of one of the units at the 11-70 Motor Court. I've taken a photo of the sign before, but always wimped out at taking anything other than a rushed (rushed=blurry) shot of the building itself. People live there, so I guess they're more like apartments now. I would love to see what they look like inside. I guess I could've gone and knocked on one of the doors - most of the people seemed to be at home - but I'm not that bold.

11-70 Motor Court


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You're brave.

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