Lenoir City, Pt. 1
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Lenoir City, Pt. 2

Lenoir City looks like the kind of town I dream of living in. The area around the downtown section is really hilly and the houses are just so pleasing to look at.

Lenoir City 007

They are in varying states of renovation/disrepair, but I find all of them beautiful.

Lenoir City 009

Lenoir City 008

The wrap-around porches are always stunning, and I especially love the tradition of painting the ceiling of the front porch a calming blue or turquoise color.

Lenoir City 012

Lenoir City 010

It also makes me happy to see yards decorated with unusual baubles. I'd love to stop and look at everything up close.

Lenoir City 014

This last house is my favorite - all green and red with ironworks. Just beautiful. This would be a wonderful place to call home.

Lenoir City 023

If you're interested, I have several more pictures of homes up at flickr.


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A porch like that would be a dream come true.


You and I have the same taste in houses. George thinks I'm nuts to love the old houses (money pits), but if we could build a new one that looked old-fashioned, he'd be for that. Still, if I were rich, I'd buy an old one and fix it up. I love the history and old neighborhoods.

I have a blue porch ceiling!!! Again, George thought I was nuts when I mentioned it one time. Then when his father visited last summer (and he always wants projects around the house to keep him busy), he decided to paint our front porch. I said on a whim that I'd always wanted the ceiling to be blue. I was surprised and elated when he said, "Okay." I'm in love with my front porch all over again! Every time I look up!

I had heard that it was a tradition because people believed it would ward off evil spirits. I've always meant to look it up. Thanks for the link.


These houses are delightful, I really like them. I've enjoyed looking at your blog, you take such beautiful photographs!


thanks, y'all!

Hooked on Houses

The green and red house is fun. Love how they have the white rocker and red flowers on the porch. Also love the white house with the wrap-around porch and green shutters. You've got me thinking maybe I should paint the ceiling of my porch blue, too! I never thought about it before. -Julia :-)


I want that wrap around porch.

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