Maryville, Pt. 1
Today, the joy

List of ten: after the move

I know I've said before that we're moving, and we are. I'm just not sure when (best guess: May). It depends on a lot of things. But whether we stay in Knoxville or move to another city/state, we will rent a house next. R and I are very much looking forward to that. So here's a list of 10 things I want to get or do after we move:

  1. Take a photography class
  2. Get a new bed
  3. Find a good playgroup for V
  4. Get a real desk, instead of the potluck table I'm using now
  5. Start a flower and/or vegetable garden—even if it must all be in containers
  6. Start a fairy garden
  7. Get a miniature tangerine tree
  8. Windchimes
  9. Get a table for V's art
  10. Get preggers

I have a lot of work to catch up on (I work at home as a copyeditor for a non-profit) so I'll continue the post on Maryville either tomorrow or Thursday.


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A fairy garden? I'm imagining what I think this is, but please -- elaborate!!!


Well, a fairy garden can be whatever strikes your fancy. There are websites on the subject, but I think basically it would be your interpretation of what a fairy would want or need in a small area of a garden you already have (or you could make a specific container garden). Some pretty pebbles, maybe a small lantern without the candle for a "house," small plants with sturdy leaves to curl up on and rest their wings. Half the fun will be figuring out with V what we think the fairies would like and adding to it as we go. See the Z Recommends post I linked to - it's really good.

I'm sure that when we carry out this project I will post pictures, so stay tuned!


I am in a house, and I have a very, very long list that I feel will not materialize for a VERY LONG TIME. Sigh.

Hooked on Houses

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog today on my Hooked on Houses site and linked to your post with the houses from Maryville. I used your "blue house" photo as an example of what they'd find here. (If you don't want me to use it, let me know and I'll remove it, of course.) Thanks!! -Julia K :-)

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