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List of ten: foods we ate when I was a kid

Here are some of the foods we ate very often when I was a kid.

  1. Fried green tomatoes
  2. Chickenbread (make biscuit dough, only thin it out, then fry it into cakes in the leftover oil from the whole chicken you just fried up crispy for Sunday dinner)
  3. Fatback
  4. Cathead biscuits
  5. Pickled peaches
  6. Fried okra
  7. Day-old cornbread in a glass of buttermilk (I didn't eat this one)
  8. Homemade plum juice from the plums that fell into my grandparents' yard from their neighbor's tree
  9. Green beans boiled flat with ham and a potato or two
  10. Homemade fig preserves


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Hm. Can't say I envy you except maybe on the fried green tomatoes!


Wow, interesting stuff there. lol I can't say that I have had any of that before.
I remember making homemade vanilla ice cream with my great grandmother while spending the summers with her. MMMM

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