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List of ten: after the move

Maryville, Pt. 1

Though we need all the rain we can get, I was disappointed this morning to find it very moody and gray outside. I was planning to take V to the park to try to ease some of the symptoms of nature-deficit disorder we've been feeling since winter began, but since it was raining I took her on a drive to Maryville instead.

Maryville is a small town of about 26,500 or so about half an hour from Knoxville, TN. Sometimes I take V to an art class in Maryville and I've become enchanted by this small town. I took some pictures of the downtown area, which I'll share tomorrow. But for today, here are some houses that caught my eye.

These first four are from a neighborhood right outside of town. It's not so much that the houses are beautiful, it's just there's a feeling about them that is familiar to me.

v Maryville 005

v Maryville 006

v Maryville 007

v Maryville 009

This is the Moses Gamble house, circa 1892, which is in downtown Maryville. Moses must've had a full agenda—during his lifetime he was a Member of the House, a Senator, a Professor, a Circuit Court Judge, and a US Commissioner. Now Moses's house is used for office space.

v Maryville 017

Another house downtown. Is it Victorian? I don't know nearly as much about old houses as I would like. But I thought this one was cute as a button.

v Maryville 020

These little trips can only last about an hour before the whining begins. I know it's not nearly as much fun for V as it is for me right now, but I hope when she gets older she'll start to appreciate our little excursions.

v Maryville 043


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I especially like the porch picture of the white house. 3rd photo.


Hi, I may be crazy, but I was wondering if you had another blog before this? I got here from a comment you left on another blog, maybe Farmgirl. I lost contact with your other blog. If you are, I am glad to have found you again.


This is you...I just went to the flicker pics and recognize V's picture. I am glad I have found you again. Come visit me at my blog..I am the neonatal nurse and wrote you once about carseats...

Hooked on Houses

I feel like I just drove around looking at houses with you. How fun. They remind me so much of the small town my grandparents lived in that I used to spend time in every summer (even though that was in Southern Illinois and not Tennessee). Thanks!

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