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Oliver Springs

I actually went to see Oak Ridge, TN, but didn't find any sort of downtown area. That doesn't mean it's not there, it very well may be (note to self: look these things up before you head out!), I just couldn't find it. But then I saw a sign that said "Oliver Springs 5 miles," so I forged ahead. Then there was a little exit marked "Downtown." I'm so glad I went. Oliver Springs has an amazing old downtown.

Here are some photos from right outside the downtown area. Perhaps one of the coolest things about Oliver Springs is that the historic houses and buildings are marked with signs. The picture I took of the sign from this house is blurry, but I believe it says Spotwood & Naomi Henley Home 1904.

v Oliver Springs TN 008

This house didn't have an historic marker, but I don't love it any less. Maybe I'm the only one, but I adore this house. I would love to see it restored. But that roof! I want to put it in my pocket and save it for later.

v Oliver Springs TN 013

The people who live in Oliver Springs really seem to know they have something special. Like with most downtown areas of this sort, there are the shops and then there is a neighborhood of old houses around the shops. We can't go this weekend, but I am definitely dragging R to this antique shop ASAP. The building was built in 1901-02 and was used in the movie October Sky. I haven't seen that movie yet but we're definitely renting it now.

v Oliver Springs TN 092

It looks like someone is restoring this building, at least a bit. Thank God. I say that in all seriousness. I love to see that old brick and those windows and the shape of the facade.

v Oliver Springs TN 072

This is another one that just breaks my heart, it's so lovely.

v Oliver Springs TN 032

Here's a shot of the neighborhood surrounding the downtown area. The houses are something else. The white house in this picture was built in the 1890s; the church was built around the same time, but then it was replaced with this brick building in 1920. The beautiful windows are from the original building.

v Oliver Springs TN 042

v Oliver Springs TN 086 cr

And this house. THIS HOUSE is for sale. For $169,900. It has been restored. The inside is so beautiful, words fail me. I want it. I want it bad.

v Oliver Springs TN 061


There are many more detail shots on my flickr. If you have a minute, check them out and let me know what you think. As for me, I'm in love.


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these are awesome shots. thanks for sharing them!


What a beautiful little town! Wow! That's a cheap price for a home like that, I would think. Thanks so much for sharing your excursions. It's the next best thing to being in the passenger seat beside you! I would love to go to that antique store too.


So homey!


All of these towns you are visiting remind me of all of the east Texas towns we would drive through on the way to my great grandma's house growing up. Her town(Pittsburg) was exactly like that.


one hundred. and sixty. nine. thousand.

oh my word, we SO live in the wrong area.

What a gorgeous place! Definitely my kind of town. Makes me want to take up driving around to the neat places around here.

mark Brooke

it looks beautiful! what i would give for a peaceful town like that. -candice


Beautiful town. I want the house from the 1820s with the turret (I think that's the word) and the porch. Lovely.


Being born and raised in Oliver Springs.....I love the comments. The history of our town is really interesting and if you search Oliver Springs Historical Society You can read all about it. It used to actually be a popular tourist area. The house above belonged to my greatgrandparents and has been completely restored by a local couple who have restored several of the older homes in the city. I live just outside the city and still love being here. Call me old fashioned but it is relatively peaceful and the people are nice. There is a fudge factory that has occupied many of the city buildings and they ship sweets all over the US. In the fall there is a homecoming parade and at christmas you can visit many of the older homes. The historical society documents and the library are house in a restored caboose and they are attempting to restore some of the building that are in need. If you havent been here you should visit.Many people come here for the 4-wheeling on Windrock mountain.


Hello I have the antique store in down Oliver Springs come and see us and i will give you a very big discount . Thank you for visting out town . I am restoring one of the older homes on roane street will send picture if you would like Maurice

Judy Ruffner Shaffner

In my pre-teen and teen years,I spent many summers visiting my cousins, Nathan and Nancy Stonecipher. Oliver Springs is even more beautiful than it was then--the 50s. I think I shall have to plan a revisit soon!

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