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Sarah Jane Studios

October So, you've heard of Sarah Jane Studios, right? I've been planning to get a print for V's bedroom after we move, but when I read her blog this morning, I moved up my timetable. She's having a sale that she's only advertising on her blog: buy two, get one free. It's a wonderful opportunity—I'm getting three for V, including the one in this post (her birthday is in October). She is sure to love them for years to come. Once we move, I'll post some pictures of the prints in her new room. You only have until Tuesday, February 5th, to get in on this deal so see all the details here.


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I haven't heard of her before. They are absolutely precious!

sarah jane

How fun that you have an oct. girl! One of my favorite months!


How pretty!!!! I haven't heard of it, but it looks familiar.


Found you through Shelli.
What a lovely space you have here.
Looking forward to reading you in the weeks to come.


Thank you!

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