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Back to Dandy Lions

This past Saturday, R and I took V back to Maryville. I was curious to see the inside of Dandy Lions and it was too cold for the picnic I was planning. It did not disappoint. It's a sweet little gift shop in a beautiful building. You would have to love going to work there every day.

Maryville on Saturday 002

This is the floor of the front porch!

Maryville on Saturday 007

I am still in awe of this building. It is uniquely beautiful.

Maryville on Saturday 023

Here's V enjoying one of the two lions that sit out front. I'm sure we shouldn't have let her sit on the lions like that, but once she saw them, she was in love. It's hard to say no - she was so happy sitting on that lion!

Maryville on Saturday 018

Inside was stunning as well. They've got some great paint color combinations in there and the woodwork is beautiful; this shop is mighty fine.

Maryville on Saturday 010

Maryville on Saturday 008

I really can't say enough about Maryville. From the few times I've been there, it's exactly what you want in a small town.

Maryville on Saturday 032

Maryville on Saturday 028

Maryville on Saturday 029

v 096

v 107


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What a sweet town!


Oh, Look at the happiness on her face. I was wondering if you were able to go in there before. I just love shops like that.

Hooked on Houses

The colors in your photos are so amazing. I feel like I could reach right out and touch that fire hydrant!

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