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Snippets: very brave and very strong

Fifteen minutes trying to convince V that she must have her hair washed this week. She's screaming, BABY IS VERY VERY BRAVE AND VERY VERY STRONG! Once it's finished and the bubble bath comes out, it's as though nothing ever happened. A bubble bath cures all, even at 2. Even at 38.
We nurse to sleep at nap. In the evening, we nurse again. She pulls her shirt up and presses her baby belly to mine. After a while, she sits up and hugs me. You love your mommy, you love your mommy! she says as I get up and put her in the crib. It's taken 28 months for her to be able to sleep in the crib for the 1-3 hours she's there every night, for that time so far away from me not to damage her psyche. I tell her, Here's your Tinkerbell pillow, here's your Tasha, here's your supersoft purple blankie. Good night, my sweet girl. You are very, very brave and very, very strong. Mommy loves you. Get some good sleep. Then I walk out the door, free for a little while before I have to start work.
At her art class, everyone is playing with Play-doh. Bored of the Play-doh after 10 minutes, she's in the other room sitting on the floor by herself, reading their books. They have some of the same ones we have: Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? and Guess How Much I Love You? She tells herself the stories while I walk back and forth between the rooms, making sure we don't miss the cue to start the activities. Later, when they bring out instruments, V finagles the triangle for herself (Baby have the triangle?!) and I know that I'm going to have to get her one as soon as I can. She loves it so and hits it in pretty decent time to Mary Had a Little Lamb, which the teacher sings way too fast for these two year olds to keep up.


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What a sweet post. She sounds like a wonderful baby (my baby is four and I still call her a baby too!).

Hair washing, and God forbid, hair brushing is always a challenge at our house. They do recover fast though, don't they? Today was a whirlwind of meltdowns, happy moments and meltdowns again. Bipolar disease anyone? But what can you do? You gotta love 'em tantrums and all!


She really is such a sweet baby - I can't even begin to tell you. If you'd seen her as an infant, oh my! She was colicky beyond all. It only took her a year or so to grow out of it.


She's somethin' else.

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