List of ten: after the move
Maryville, Pt. 2

Today, the joy

My poor little girl. I've been keeping her cooped up and I haven't even thought that much about it. She's been so good, but that's really no excuse—a growing girl needs fresh air, green grass and blue skies. Well, today I took V to the park. It's a lovely park, full of mature trees and wide open spaces. To say that V felt joy in being there would be an understatement.

I think she pretty much looked like this the whole time:

v2 hiking 015

We were there for a good 90 minutes with V alternately running around flapping her arms in glee or stopping to explore grass, trees, leaves, moss.

v2 hiking 274

Can one be both calm and exuberant? In the out-of-doors, I think so. There's a very busy street that runs right alongside the park, but V didn't even notice it—I barely did. Old trees are serene; they can't help but be so.

v2 hiking 240

v2 hiking 087

V took home with her a rock, a small stick and a large piece of bark.

v2 hiking 202 copy 4

We're definitely going back soon, maybe tomorrow.


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loving the pics! hope to meet v one day


wow, those are wonderful pictures! they captured your day perfectly :)


What gorgeous pictures! What a huge leaf!


Your photos are stunning. Wow. Never stop.

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