Chicopee and snap beans

A hair washing good time

V loves to fingerpaint. And I love it when she fingerpaints. Except that I don't love it when she fingerpaints. It's always more messy than I'm comfortable with, which is hysterical considering the state of the rest of the joint. When we move into a house, I want to get her her own art table and have a specific, easily cleanupable area for her to explore art. Until then, I tape down some garbage bags, grin and bear it.

It always starts out innocently enough.

v2 fingerpainting 003

v2 fingerpainting 009

But eventually she starts in on the Baby is washing her hands! part.

v2 fingerpainting 018

Next comes Baby is washing her hair!

v2 fingerpainting 026

Then it's definitely time for a bath!

v2 fingerpainting 027

But the finished product is gorgeous, don't you think?

v2 fingerpainting 033


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Oh my goodness! That is too funny. It does look like she was having a blast. I guess that is what matters the most.


You are brave, Maya. Brave!


Shelli sent me this way and my son loves the pictures of the wee one with paint in her hair. Glad I found my way over here.


Oh, I love this! Yup, art in my house is VERY messy - paint everywhere, especially hands, elbows, legs, pants, sleeves - EVERYWHERE! My daughter just laughs because I'm so messy...


Karen Maezen Miller

Both finished products are gorgeous: V and the picture. Shelli sent me here from California where the messes keep coming.

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