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V & Donald 1

Happy Easter weekend. R is off today and this weekend, so life is good. The next two weeks are going to be rough on all of us - R is going out of town for a good 10 days - but hopefully in that time we'll have some good news about where we will be moving. Fingers crossed.

I found this post through Parent Hacks and it's something I'm definitely going to do. V loves to put stuff on her food - to shake whatever we'll let her shake, to pour ketchup or syrup. Most of the time we have to stop her long before she thinks she's had enough. Shaking ground flaxseeds on her oatmeal will thrill her little heart.

This morning we went to IHOP for brunch - really yummy omelet! And after naptime, we're going to see the Sunsphere. Definitely taking my camera ...


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Oh my gosh...is Easter THIS weekend? Where I am?!

I put flaxseed in my oatmeal too!

Good Luck to R!!!!!!!!!!!

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