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I love the Sunsphere

I went to the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, TN, with a church group. That was the only time I'd been to Knoxville before I moved here. I know that many, many people have made fun of the Sunsphere, but I love it. I'm so glad they've fixed it up and opened it to the public. The view from inside the Sunsphere is quite nice too. V loved it - she ran around and around the circle of the sphere.

v Sunsphere 108

Sunsphere Flare!

v Sunsphere 095

Happy Easter!


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Nice pics!


I think the Sunsphere is only the butt of jokes because we love it so much. Kind of like a goofy uncle.

My first time here and I really like your photos!


thanks for your comment on my blog! i love all your fun links and stuff here...very cool.

love the color in your first image, too! :)


I went to that fair then, too!!

Fun shots and what a great thing to enjoy!



I wanted to add that I LOVE your header picture!!


Carrie Harvey

Hello! I found your link on Shutter Sister's website for Love Thursday! What a small world it is as I live in Maryville!! Good to see someone else loving the Sunsphere!! Beautiful pictures, by the way!!


never been there - looks so cool!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Gorgeous colors, especially in the first photo.

Happy LT :)


I love the blue on the first photo. Happy LT!

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