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Obvious tips, I know

A while back, I posted some writing tips because my friend Shelli tagged me. I'm finally getting around to coming up with my three photography tips that I said I'd share.

It's not difficult to find an overwhelming amount of photography tips out there, so rather than focus on the technical stuff that I don't know nearly enough about, I thought I'd try to come up with more practical advice for taking pictures of kids.

  1. Give them something to hold, especially when they're younger. Whenever I take my daughter out for a walk at the park and think I'm going to get lovely pictures, I get about five photos of her looking cute and about 257 of her looking at the ground, where all the fun stuff is! Taking a ball or cute toy or picking something interesting up off the ground for her to hold at least gives me a chance that I'll get a shot of her face.
  2. Don't let your significant other wear a hat or sunglasses if you plan to take pictures of him with your kid. I know it's a pain in the butt for him, but marks on R's forehead and face from his cap and sunglasses ruin my pictures! Or worse yet, he'll want to leave them on because now that the marks are there, it doesn't matter anyway. And then he's all bright orange because we live in Tennessee.
  3. Wipe her face off! I cannot tell you how many photos I've shot that I thought were just perfect. Oh the excitement! Then I download the photos and open that perfect one in Photoshop and see the remnants of snack time. Grrrrrrrrr...foiled again!

Obvious tips, I know, but I still forget sometimes. What are your best tips? Please share!


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Hooked on Houses

Good tips! I never thought to have them hold something, but it makes sense. And the face-wiping thing is a good thing to remember, too. Like you, I've had many a photo ruined by chocolate mouths...


Chocolate mouth seems to be a constant over here - "Baby needs chocolate!" she says. They learn early, don't they?


Really great tips. Thanks. I have noticed the orange theme:) Plus, there is nothing like a good boogie to ruin your kids picture. LOL
How much do you think a good camera, like you have, has to do with getting good pics. I understand you do have to have talent like you do but my camera takes blurry pics if she moves at all. But, if I take them outside when it is sunny, it takes great pics.


People take amazing pictures with cheap cameras all the time. Of course a good camera is nice, but point and shoots today can be pretty great as well.

Rachel Whetzel

but I LIKE snack bits on baby faces!!! Those are the BEST!!


It's funny. Just yesterday I thought, "I wonder when Maya's going to post those photo tips?" I must be clairvoyant.

These are great tips, and I love all the photos you linked too, especially snacky face!

Since I have a cheap point and shoot, I have noticed that for me, the best tip is to take pictures outside in good, natural light. My indoor pictures always come out tinted with whatever the lightbulb color is. And I can't use my flash - it's too slow to get Mr. Crazy. I have turned my camera onto 100 speed for all my picture taking outside. It seems to do a good job. And - best of all - I read through my manual and learned about some valuable settings on my camera!


Very helpful tips! Especially the one about having the child hold something.

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