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This morning, we have cereal for breakfast. R and I have Special K. V has Kix. This is the second box of Kix I've ever bought for her. The first one was long enough ago that she doesn't remember it. She loves the Kix. She picks them up one at a time and eats them saying, "I see a Kick!"


Last winter, V and I each got sick six times from January to March. This year, I've kept us home a lot. Neither of us has been sick, which is wonderful, but now V is afraid of all other kids. Last week I took her to the little inside playground at the mall. We got there right when it opened and stayed half an hour - until she started getting uncomfortable as the kidlets poured in. She wouldn't slide down the slide even once because other kids were there, and my natural-born climber needed help climbing up into the little red car they have. Today we were going to go to the park, but rain was threatening so we went back to the mall. She still avoided/ran away from the kids but she managed to slide several times, and she climbed up into that car on her first try, no trouble at all. I love progress.


After dinner, R drove back down to Georgia, where he'll be most of the week. I've been relatively ok with his absence, but as he was leaving he told me he loved me and I couldn't say it back immediately because I didn't want to cry and make him sad. V sort of understands what it means when we say he's going to Georgia, to work, and will be back in a few days. She hugged him hard, but she's ok. I know that over the next few days, she'll mention him often, like she did last week, and that when we video call on Skype (love Skype!), he'll give her "kisses" and she will squeal and laugh as though he were actually in the room.


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Rachel Whetzel

Ahhhh sounds like a good day!! Hope that you two are doing good on your own today!!


Aidan is not liking to be around other people/kids either, especially a crowd.

I hope that the time flies for you while R is gone.

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