The kind of day it is
Sand dragons and playhouses

At least it's a beautiful day ...

Today I battled super glue and lost my shirt.

There are Kix and Cheerios all over the living room floor. I decided the best plan of attack was to sweep them and then vacuum. This broom has a plastic end that has cracked and keeps coming off in my hands while I'm sweeping. So very annoying. So I decided to super glue it.

I tried using the super glue tube that was already open, but after 10 minutes, I couldn't get any glue to come out. So I got the new tube and when I poked the top into it to puncture the seal, it squirted onto the front of my shirt in a few places. Super glue freaks me out, so I quickly pulled the shirt off before I stuck to it. (Sigh of relief) Then I put glue all over the handle and stuck the plastic end back on. Then I put a new shirt on so I could walk out into the living room where the porch door is open because it is a beautiful day.

Then I realized that I couldn't sweep the floor yet because I didn't want to take the chance of my hands sticking to any glue on the handle of the broom. Then I remembered my shirt.

Yeah, it's all stuck together.

And I still have Kix and Cheerios all over my floor. Most of them are intact, but there are several crushed into a fine powder.


V had to wear her crown while she colored this morning. And why not?

v princess v 044


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LOL I really needed to hear that story today. Maybe she will get hungry later and eat them up. Grace has done that many times no matter how old they are!


You need a dog - that would solve all your problems!


PS - love the button shot!


I feel your pain.

And following up on what Shalet said - human cereal (or any food) doesn't agree with some dog's stomachs, so that's not necessarily the best solution to your problem.


Well, with 2 cats over the age of 10, we're not planning on getting any dogs anytime soon. The cats wouldn't approve!



this story is hilarious, like a french farce. and I agree, dogs are the best vacuums

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