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Flutterbies all around

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Knoxville Zoo for a members-only treat - they opened the new butterfly exhibit. It was a fairly eventful visit since V had a slight, um, wardrobe malfunction. I never bring extra clothes with me anymore so I didn't have anything else for her to wear, so R bought her a too-big t-shirt from the gift shop and she wore that with her diapers and shoes and socks. Kind of funny (once we were finished with the clean up). We were too excited about the butterflies to miss them.

So by the time we got out of our excellent position in line, cleaned up, got the new shirt, and got back in line ... we had a while to wait. But it was totally worth it!

v 261

v 237

v 213


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Wow! She must have loved holding the butterfly!

Sorry about the snafu, but I'm glad it all came out good in the end.

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