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Harriman, Pt. 2

Harriman, TN, has some gorgeous old houses. And there are a lot of them. I feel I should have more/better words to describe them, but I was truly in awe.

The first time I saw this house, I actually said holy crapamoly. Out loud. In front of a 2-year-old who likes to repeat anything you say that sounds funny. And then when I was going through my photos I said it again. Can you imagine being a kid and living in this house? How much fun would that be?

v harriman, tn 112

I thought this house was great because they have at least two screened porches. I imagine that the one on the second floor would have to be a sleeping porch.

v harriman, tn 217

Here's a fun house. It's not all that big, but has tons of character. See the cat grooming himself on the air conditioner?

v harriman, tn 178

This next house is for sale for $175,000. Beauty.

v harriman, tn 110

This one is one of my favorites. This house is so very cheerful.

v harriman, tn 125

v harriman, tn 061

Another beautiful house with lots of wonderful windows.

v harriman, tn 059

This one is also for sale. For $125,000. Seriously. Buy it now. I would.

v harriman, tn 081

If you're interested, you can find all the best photos I took in Harriman here.

v harriman, tn 120


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Wow, your housing dollars sure go a lot further there! $175K here might get you a small condo. In a not great neighborhood.

I love the big sprawling Victorians with lots of porches. Gotta have a porch!

Hooked on Houses

Oh, my gosh. I nearly had a heart attack when that white house appeared on my screen! I am so in love. And then to scroll down and see one adorable house after the other. I'm in heaven. What fun colors on some of them, too!

My daughter was even transfixed by them (and she really loved your post with the wooden eggs!).

Thanks for sharing these. It's all I can do not to buy one of them right this minute and leave Ohio for good. -Julia


Well, I tell ya - there's a lot to love about Tennessee. It's beautiful, the people are nice, the housing market is great and no state income tax. And the porches!


Lovely homes.


I knew I loved TN! I'm catching up on your last three posts (I love the dollhouse you made!) What a beautiful little town. Wow. Holy crapamoly! I totally agree!


These houses are .... Wow we don't have them like that here...possibly in some really old part but not that BIG and for at least 800,000 or more.
I'd not want to clean it


So jealous!

My sister-in-law used to live in this neighborhood that had VERY strict rules about colors--all the way down to what kind of blinds you could have in the window. The houses looked alike and boring. Nice, but dull.

Oh, for such house bursting with color and imagination! I shall dream...


Beautiful homes - love the photos! The first one is my favorite! I'd love to visit TN - My Grandpa lives out in Germantown. The last time I was out there was when I was 3 so it's been a long time!


Wow! Amazing houses. So much catching up to do on your site. Did you get my email last week? I wasn't sure since you didn't get the last one.


Oh, I've always wanted a sleeping porch. For now we settle on sleeping out in the tent once a summer.

Hooked on Houses

Hey, Maya, I keep meaning to link to this post. When I finally get around to it (probably next week), do you mind if I use one of the pictures from it to give people an idea of how fab they are? -Julia

Mrs. Christine Smith

OH MY GOSH!! That's the neighborhood I grew up in! No, joke. I grew up in a old (ugly) house next to the big white one (the first picture). My Dad still owns it.

The give tours in that neighborhood, just so you know.

Email if you want, I know most of the people who live there. They're so sweet!

Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures of my hometown.

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