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Oh how I love Etsy. My brother and his fiancee just bought a house and I found the cutest bird house for a housewarming gift. Is this happy or what? It's a bird bottle. It has an opening at the back - both for ease of hanging against a wall (there's a little notch for the nail) and also so you can clean out the bird house for the next year's fine-feathered family.


The person I bought it from was so kind and helpful. Ant's shop is full of pottery that she and her family and a friend hand make. Her prices are really reasonable (they're actually a little low, I thought!) and she's got some beautiful stuff.

I love this raindrop pot. It's very small - just right for collecting raindrops in to water a small pot of flowers with. It's $4.


The other thing I almost got before deciding on the bird bottle was this baking bowl. I love the colors.


All the people I've dealt with on Etsy have been really nice, but I felt that Ant went above and beyond on this order. I convo'd her to say that this was a gift and, while I certainly didn't expect her to wrap it for me, I was hoping she would mail it to my brother without the invoice, but with a short note wishing them happy housewarming. She said she would and then after she shipped it (the very next day) she told me that she had to double box it, so she went ahead and wrapped it.

She really went far beyond what I was expecting, so I want to recommend her as an outstanding seller on Etsy.


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LOVE these! Oh how beautiful. I have only been to one shop on Etsy. I'm scared to look at more because I have no money. But $4! Wow!

Take a look at my blogger friend's work. I want to buy "Up on the Mountain Top" so don't buy it! She sent me a couple of cards as gifts, and I framed them!


Love the ceramics - great choice!


I've been curious about Etsy. Glad to see this--and what beautiful things!

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