Painting serendipity

I heart stop motion

I guess some people are upset about Flickr video - I got an invite to an anti-video group just today. I didn't join. I'm going to love being able to upload short clips to Flickr - I think it'll encourage me to do more stop motion with my photos, which I love.

This is from 2007. It took 600+ photos to make this one minute, 19 second-long video. I love how you can see the leaves on the trees moving in the background.


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That's AWESOME! It reminds me of the old movie reels. I love it! She's adorable.


Eeeegads - 600+ pictures? Wow! I like the effect.


i agree - my boys want to put up their stop-motion movies (and they're short ;^) and we have always said "if *only* we could just put video clips on flickr!"

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