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Yo - free Phaunt actions!

Go here if you're interested in a set of free Photoshop actions from Phaunt.

Kylie is celebrating Phaunt's birthday by giving away a set of 30 fun actions. I downloaded the .zip and it took all of two seconds. And here I thought the birthday girl was supposed to be getting the presents!

Kylie is way cool. Her tutorials always teach me something I didn't know before and she just got her Adobe Photoshop ACE certification, so lots of good things are coming her way these days.

As well they should!

Congrats, Kylie. Here's to doing what you want to do with your life and paying it forward with grace.


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Sounds like something I should look at! I'm reading a CS3 instruction book right now, and I'm enjoying it very much....learning a lot!


Woohoo! Um, what's an action?

Well, I can guess. But I'm resisting getting into Pshop. I know I really need to learn it instead of just looking at cool photos (like yours) and sighing.

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