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Just because I feel like it

I know it isn't Father's Day or any special occasion, but I want to brag on my husband just because I feel like it.

I can see him right now - he's sitting in the "playroom/office," working. Today is his office day and he's been working hard all day long. He's got his headphones on and he's humming along to some song I probably hate. He's a lot more into music than I am. R believes in marriage and family and in being present in his life.

He helps with the housework, fills my car with gas, changes diapers, cleans the litter box, and watches V so I can take pictures whenever we go somewhere. He's always there to tell me it's ok. He encourages me. He listens to me when I talk. He loves to play with V and they have invented several games that I don't even know the rules to - games with names like "High Up," "Out of Control Flying," and "Wa-Pow." It's so much fun to watch them play.

He is a hard worker, conscientious. He helps people when they need it - from people he works with to perfect strangers. He works to improve himself. And even when things don't go his way, he eventually manages to find the silver lining. He's a lot more interested in politics than I am. He tells me I'm a good cook and a good mom. When we talk about our dreams, he always tells me we're going to get there.

He's a good man and I love him. I pray that my daughter is lucky enough to find a partner in life who will be as wonderful to her as her dad is to me. I am blessed way beyond these small words to have him.


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Seems to me he's a pretty lucky guy too!


Awww! Now I love him too!

Many similarities to G (even the headphones & music!) except I wish G had R's positive attitude. I am married to a cynic. Oh, and he's not very interested in politics at all.

Hooked on Houses

What a great guy!!

I love the pink cowgirl hat he got V. How fun is that? -Julia

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