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Making Playdoh cookies

V and I haven't baked anything in a while, so I thought we'd do something extra fun today. I saw this at The Crafty Crow not too long ago and have been wanting to make them ever since.

Playdoh cookie 002

V helped where she could and ate what she could grab. I'd have liked to use different colors, but I'm more into using what I've got right now rather than filling our already overcrowded kitchen with more stuff. But I will say that the photo doesn't do the cookie justice. R will be lucky if there's any left when he gets home.


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Oooh, they came out so pretty!


Wait a minute, are these REAL cookies? Like for eating? Or are they just play-doh? Either way, they are amazing. I wandered over after seeing your photo on Flickr today.


I've been enjoying your blog and just thought I'd say "hi."

I saw those cookies on The Crafty Crow, too. Yours look fantastic! I'll have to try them soon. My kids would flip for them.

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