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This afternoon we went to the park. Yeah, we go there a lot. R played with V and I got to roam around and take some pictures. I love these green leaves. So lush, so bright green.

I got my old Pentax K1000 out a while ago. My idea was to let V play with it so that she would leave my then brand new Nikon alone. It did the trick, most of the time. Then I started seeing a few scans of photos taken with the K1000 on flickr and I thought, hmmmm...maybe I'd like to play along.

So I had R pick up a battery for the camera for me today. I used to take pictures with this camera all the time in the 90s (mainly of my cats, the only willing subjects I had at the time). I used to have tons of film that I hadn't had developed - not sure where those went, though. The reason I stopped taking pictures? Because the battery died and I never seemed to remember to get a new one. Then I decided I couldn't really afford to get all that film developed anyway. And one thing led to another and I just stopped taking pictures.

So this morning when I got the camera out to look at it, I realized that it still had film in it. More than half the exposures had been taken. So I took a few and then when we went to the park, I took the rest, rewound the film and now it's in the pocket of the diaper bag. Now I just have to figure out where to get it developed. And I can't wait to get the pictures back. There's some giant growth or something in the camera, which will be on all the photos I took today, but I don't care. Maybe I'll figure out how to clean it and then buy a the occasional roll of film.

It was amazing how easy it was to take pictures with that camera. I have really learned a lot since I got my digital SLR. The K1000 is super simple compared to the Nikon. But playing with the K1000 for 15 minutes this afternoon actually increased my knowledge of how to use the digital. I walked around the trail at the park saying to myself, higher number (shutter speed) lets in less light, need more light? lower number. Sometimes, when it comes to photography, I feel so smart - and sometimes I feel like a complete dolt. Today, I felt a little of both, but I had fun and feel refreshed.

Moody and green 002

Today there was a post on the Photojojo blog that is still swimming around in my head. Jamie Livingston took a Polaroid photo every day for 18 years. He passed away in 1997, but two of his friends gathered together 6,697 of these photos into an exhibition. Can you feel the love? I'm feeling it. There is also a website where you can see all these photos. I plan to look at all of them eventually.

If you want to peruse them yourself, you might want to bookmark the site and wait a few days. They're getting tons of traffic right now and the site has been down.


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I'm happy you're happy! And by coincidence, I pulled out my old cameras to show George today. We're wondering if I could use the lenses on a new camera. One of them is an old, manual Olympus I bought in Japan, and it's a great size. I need to figure out how to use it!


You are very gifted. Those photos are amazing.
That is pretty cool that he took all of those photos. I really enjoyed looking through them.

Kudzu Fire

lovely leaves. so battery problems are not uncommon


Thanks for introducing us to that Jamie Livingston website. How awesome. I love the photos in this post--the leaves are so green it seems unreal.

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