Harriman, Pt. 2
Bubbles are hard to catch


When I became a mother in 2005, I felt that I could go into most any store and, as long as I bought some sort of brand name that I'd heard of before, whatever I bought for my baby would be safe for her. Safe for her to play with, wear, chew on, drink from. Boy, was I naive.

These days, I get an email almost every day from the US Consumer Product Safety Division, giving me a list of recalls for children's products. I haven't run any numbers or anything, but it appears to me that the majority of recent recalls are due to lead paint being used in products from China painted onto our kid's toys and other products. So far, only one of V's toys has been recalled (that I know of). I had her tested for lead at her second birthday check-up just to be sure. The whole thing freaked me out and now I try to avoid buying toys made in China, though it's not always possible. I will say that V eats from the same dishes that we do - I have not bought her any of the cute ones I have seen at Target lately because they were made in China. I just can't bring myself to do it - even when it's in the shape of a butterfly or has Pooh Bear on it (both of which V would adore).

Now I am wondering when laws will be passed that will keep BPA out of our plastics. I first became aware of BPA from reading the blog Z Recommends. (If you have kids and you don't read that blog, well, you should.) For months and months now, they have done a ton of research on BPA, the companies that use it in their products, and which products don't have it. You can also text message them when you're at the store to help you choose a BPA-free product. I will admit that I have a severe case of sleep deprivation that's been going on for about 2.5 years now and when I see all the stuff they've written ... well, let's say that I really appreciate their hard work, but my brain is not capable of comprehending it all right now. I need things to be extremely easy or I just can't deal with it.

What this means is that I have done nothing about the cups V is drinking out of. I know that I'm going to have to buy all new bottles when we have another baby and I thank God that V herself was such an avid nurser that she hardly drank out of the bottles we do have. But she has the same cups she's had since she was 12 months old and I have become sufficiently overwhelmed by all the BPA information out there that I have had my fingers crossed that because the sippies she has are not clear plastic, they don't have BPA in them. And I feel terrible for it.

So you would think that Amazon starting their own "BPA-free baby" shop would make things easy for me. For one thing - and I do hope that someone from Amazon reads this - after the grocery store, I SHOP AT AMAZON MORE OFTEN THAN ANY PLACE ELSE. Any time I think of something I need to buy, I check prices online and I always check Amazon too because I know that I can often find it cheaper there than anywhere else. I love Amazon. But today Z Recs is reporting that they have a "an accuracy level of less than 75% for plastic products" that they are promoting in their BPA-free baby store.

Amazon needs to recognize their mistake, apologize for it, and correct it ASAP. Even still, I'm sufficently spooked not to trust them on this. I will still shop at Amazon because I'm sure they didn't make these mistakes on purpose, but I will go through the Z Recs Amazon store because I trust that they've been thorough in their recommendations. In fact, I'm going there right now to start replacing some sippies ...


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Very interesting. Our doctor tests babies for lead anyway, so Aidan was tested a while back. Aidan has never learned how to drink from a sippy cup without me holding it up for him. I have had to buy him those cups with the straws. It's the only thing I've been able to find that he can drink out of on his own, so I don't want to know if it's dangerous!


It's crazy to think that all this time we have been exposed to BPA but until this recent spur in interest over it, it was brushed under the rug. Our lives are consumed by BPA. It is in fillings in our teeth, it lines the metal in our canned foods, and in our plastic food containers. It is scary to know that BPA is found in most baby bottles and sippy cups. There are many new companies coming out with BPA free bottles though. As far as plastic drinking bottles for adults go, Camelbak has always been BPA free and Nalgene and REI are coming out with a BPA-free lines, too.

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