Can you see Mama's eye?
Oh my at the pie!


R has been out of town since Monday afternoon (he'll be home this afternoon!). It's been a long week, as it usually is when he goes away. We went out Tuesday, but that didn't last long. I love being at home, but this morning I couldn't take it one more minute. There's just nothing to break up the time when my sweetie doesn't come home. So we went to our favorite park and did some swinging and sliding.

v Concord Park & area 064

v Concord Park & area 112 cr


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Beautiful combination of shots. Your daughter is a doll baby, so sweet!


Swinging and sliding are the best, although I can't do them anymore because for some reason I get super-dizzy.
But the girls love it and it's supposed to be really good for brain development.

How lucky Violet is to have a mama who takes such brilliant pictures of her! The Peterson book just arrived and I've been looking at the Pioneer Woman, so I hope to take lovely pictures of Bea, Willa, and India soon!

Diana James

bluest eyes in all the land


You've outdone yourself here.


She's sooooo beautiful...

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