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Can you see Mama's eye?

I read once about this trick to use when photographing kids. I forget where I read it or who said it, but the trick is to ask the kid if she can see your eye through the lens. You're supposed to get a really cool shot of the kid looking thoughtfully and intently at the lens. Maybe V just isn't old enough to understand such tomfoolery, but the three or four times I've asked her if she could see Mama's eye through the lens, this is the look I've gotten.

v on the porch 104 b&w


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So funny-she looks like she saying, "Huh?"


ha ha! I think it's a great shot.


I bet she keeps you laughing. Very funny.


Squint! That's too cute.


Thanks! Yeah, she totally cracks me up. Like right now? She's diapering Big Bird. Then she'll get one of her shirts and shorts and ask me to put them on him. Love her.


She's adorable. :) that's one of the best personality shots I've ever seen.

It's funny how I totally feel like I know your kid though I've never met her in person. That's a compliment to you :)

rachel whetzel

HA!!!! That's THE BEST!!! I love it, and what a GREAT trick!!


AWESOME! I will have to try that technique one of these days!


i love it! she's got some sass and personality, doesn't she?


Oh this just cracked me up! I have heard that same trick and it hasn't worked for me either. But I do love her expression anyway! Cute shot!

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