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Really? Where are the chickens? Why not a big coop?


So cool! Why am I finding myself obsessed with chickens these days?


Hmm. So what kind of chickens would that be? Free range?


i see at least two chickens there. i have no idea why no coop. i think these may be for roosters and maybe roosters fight when they're in big coops together? i dunno for sure. also, where are the rest of the chickens? in their houses? i think they are basically tied to a lead so they can only stay in the general area of their house.

i adore chickens. we used to have some - they came with a house we lived in. before that i was indifferent, but in getting to know those chickens, well, chickens are wonderful.


I know this is an old post but I was going back through your blog and know the answer to why the little chicken houses v/s the big coop. These are for cock-fighting. People who participate in this 'sport' keep the roosters that they use to fight in their own separate little houses. Cock-fighting is illegal but keeping fighting cocks is not. They have to be caught in the act to get arrested. But that's what they are. Just had to shed some insight on the subject lol.


Oh, that's too bad! It's funny, though. This is only the second time I've ever seen a set up like this. You would think it would be a great big "come and catch me" sign to the cops.

I hate that. Poor chickens.

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