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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! Here's my favorite dad, acting all kinds of silly with Miss V.

v DaddyBaby 040

v DaddyBaby 045

And a little bit of swinging...

v DaddyBaby 100

v DaddyBaby 069

They're so sweet together.

v DaddyBaby 013

And thanks to the people at Shutter Sisters and the America at Home project - I won an America at Home book that comes with a custom cover! How exciting! As Sarah-Ji said - Yay!

Edited to add: And I got Shutter Sister's Daily Click today! Fun! Thanks SS!


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What a daddy's girl! Happy Father's Day!

Hooked on Houses

What great pics! She does look like Daddy's girl.

We watched "Father of the Bride" last night and I bawled all the way through the end. I couldn't help but see it through the perspective of the parent of a little girl--just the thought of my baby growing up, getting married, and moving away!--boo-hoo. The time goes so fast.

Congrats on getting the Daily Click--and a free book! Yahoo. Sounds like a banner day. -Julia :-)


Wonderful photos! And congrats again on your good fortune!


Lovely photographs - thanks for sharing!


Lovely photographs - thanks for sharing!


What a wonderful father's day post! I love the photos!

melody is slurping life

Fabulous photos! Congrats on the book and daily click.

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