Sweet tea and plum juice
The morning was sultry


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Fantastic photos! I love how each one uses color or texture to segue into the next. A real visual treat!


You have a good eye for buildings.


These are fantastic! What amazing color. The first shot especially is so vibrant. I also love the contrasts in the photo of the window and wall. And the shot of the row of houses is such classic Americana. Awesome.


Maya, you take amazing pictures! Where did you learn and do you have any good books to recommend? My pictures have been at the level of just-above-mediocre for too long now!


Thanks you guys! :) It's always nice to hear.

@ Alexis - I am far from where I want to be, but everything I know I have learned from the internet or a couple of books. The best book I have is one you can find in my Amazon store, should you be so inclined, or maybe at your library (but it's worth the expense) - Understanding Exposure. Once I got to a certain point from stuff I've read on the internet, Understanding Exposure has helped me start making the switch to using manual mode more often. We just got back from the zoo and I was in manual mode the whole time - for the first time ever. I'll post some of those photos later - if any of them turned out!!

I also had a little help in the beginning from another source that I should be blogging about very soon, so stay tuned...

Hooked on Houses

I didn't realize I was so behind on my blog reading! Somehow I missed this post before--and the one from the zoo, too. (That elephant photo is breathtaking. I've got to show it to Lily. She loves elephants.)

I love the blue house with the yellowish door here. And that row of houses going up the hill. I always enjoy your driving-around pics. -Julia

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