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Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie 1

V has discovered My Little Pony. R got her a little plastic one, but she really loves this stuffed Pinkie Pie. For forever I've been calling V my pumpkin pie. Then we started playing a game - are you a sweet potato pie or a pumpkin pie? Are you a rhubarb pie or a pumpkin pie? She knows for sure that she's a pumpkin pie.

Then R started asking her if she was a Pinkie Pie or a pumpkin pie. This gave her a little cause for concern - she wasn't sure how to answer the question. Finally, R told her that she could be both. Now if you ask her if she's a coconut cream pie or a pumpkin pie, she'll say pumpkin. But if you ask her if she's a Pinkie Pie or a pumpkin pie, she's both.

From what I can tell, this pony has so much love in her heart, it's coming out her eyes. I almost can't bear to look at it.

Pinkie Pie 2


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