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Seashell soup

Milk glass bowl

This is a wonderful, light summertime soup that your dolls should adore.

First, get a lovely serving bowl and add seashells. The prettier the bowl, the more tasty the soup. It doesn't matter what kind of shells, though, so use whatever you have around the house. Dolls love a variety of flavors, so mix it up if you've got 'em.

Then add some fresh herbs - flat leaf parsley, cilantro, leaf of pansy - whatever you have on hand. To that add a sprinkling of fine dirt to season.

All the makings for seashell soup

Then add some water from the hose (well water, if you can, but city water will work too - there will be just a slight difference in flavor) and place on a large, flat rock that has been sitting in the sun for a bit (not shown). Allow water to heat and flavors to mingle for about an hour. Stir gently every so often.

Dolls have told me that it tastes even better the second day. If you make some for your dolls, I hope you'll share some photos with me and let me know how they like it.

And if your dolls enjoy that recipe, be sure to try out Gerbera Soup as well.

A light summer soup for your dolls


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Very creative!


I agree, very imaginative.


thanks! i can't take full credit, though. i had this book when i was a kid...

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves

what sweet sweet pictures. great job!

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