The morning was sultry
Pinkie Pie

...superior pickle factory workers

As I've said before, I used to work at a company that typesets books, mainly for university presses. We didn't actually print the books, we just did the typesetting. I was responsible for making sure the books looked the way they were supposed to look: points and picas and running heads and balanced spreads.

Along the way, I would occasionally find lines of text that struck me as inspiring or funny or just plain weird. I'd cut them out and tape them to my wall. Just today, R moved the filing cabinet from a closet to right near my desk and so I was able to find the folder that has all my quotes.

I have 14 quotes total. I hate to think that I may have lost some or left them on the wall at my desk in that horrid little trailer where I worked, but I probably have.

This seems like a lot of build up for just a short little quote, so I'll share three tonight.

First, the inspiring:

...the eye comes to rest on the sky, not on any terrestrial feature...

Next, the funny:

When are they going to expose us to the cow?

And finally, the just plain weird:

Some may have felt that some of the seasonal help might be smarter or more beautiful than they were, but that they themselves were superior pickle factory workers.

Right now, it's after 9pm and I have not yet started to work for the evening. I'm sitting here with one of my cats on my lap and the Iron Chef on. Love that show. Better get to work, though -- those bios aren't going to proof themselves...


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Hooked on Houses

Love these quotes! Gave me a good laugh to start the day.

I've only watched "Iron Chef" once. I didn't really understand it. I think Rachael Ray was one of the contestants, which was interesting. Maybe I should give it another look-see. -Julia

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