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The morning was sultry

Today we went to the zoo. The heat! Oh my. We were wilting, as were the elephants.

it was really hot

They have a butterfly exhibit with a koi pond. Pretty!


We took the short way around because it was just that hot. But the trail eventually gets tree cover, which we thought would bring some relief from the heat. We were wrong. But look at this cool tunnel.


I think we'll be staying in the rest of the afternoon. I'm an indoor sort of girl.


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I saw these photos on your Flickr stream...they're great! The heat is horrible here as well. The high today is supposed to be 100, which is incredible for June! Very depressing for Aidan and me since we like to spend lots of time outside.


You are brave for even attempting that. lol
Did you take those pics? The elephant picture is awesome!


Wow! love the elephant shot! My DD came in while I was looking at this & said "Mommy look - what is that elephant doing? I really like that picture"


Holy crap! The elephant picture is amazing! I love the other two too, (should that surprise you? I love your pics!)

We have a postcard book full of animals from the San Diego Zoo and that elephant pic could have easily made the cut.

Nice work M!

P.S. Heat sucks. I'm wilting.


Thanks, y'all! :)

(comments make me happy)


That elephant photo is AMAZING!!


The elephant photo is just incredible (I see I'm not the only one who thinks so!)


do you sell your photos somewhere? if not...you should! (etsy!)

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