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Brown and blue (sofa pictures for Julia)

V and I have been unpacking a bit today and I have only just started pulling together the living room. Let these pictures give you the impression that I have my stuff together - that'd be cool. Yeah.

I don't.

That's why you're only seeing bits and pieces. And also because I was too lazy to change my camera lens.

I have no idea if brown and blue are on their way out, but I love these colors together.

new furniture 002

I got this chair at Target. I love this chair. It's small, it fits the room, and it's pretty without being too pretty. At least I think so - because the flowers are large and not all frilly and pink. Right? R will appreciate that.

I think.

He's a little worried about the flower chair (he hasn't seen it in person yet - he's on his way home now).

I worry about dirty kid feet on my beautiful chair. Oh how I worry!

And here's a lamp. I got this lamp at a farmer's market in 1999 or 2000. It's by Autonomy Design. I couldn't find anything out about them online. Maybe they don't exist anymore. Anyway, I still love it. It gives off a nice homey glow at night.

new furniture 005

V can't keep her hands off this lamp (surely that'll stop in a few days). In this picture, I had just told her that the lamp was not a toy and she was saying, "Yes! The lamp IS a toy!" Of course as soon as the words came out of my mouth, I felt like somebody's mother. Which of course I am.

But still.

The sofa. Got that one at Sam's Club. We needed an affordable sleeper sofa, in case anyone ever decides to come stay with us. Hopefully they will. The sofa is affordable and looks nice. The shipping was insanely expensive, they were almost 3 hours late delivering it (a local company, not Sam's), and one of the guys left a box cutter in the yard for my almost-3-yo to find. V saying, "What's this mama?!" with a box cutter in her hand just about stopped my heart. Of course he didn't mean to leave it. Ok, moving on...

I love the feet on this sofa. These are my kind of sofa feet.

new furniture 007

So, what do you think? It's fun being an adult with grown up furniture. Now I just need a rug (anyone with any suggestions on what color/pattern rug, please let me know. Brown/blue? Something else? I'm so clueless! I can't do jute or anything like that - I'm terribly allergic.) and some curtains, and I'd like some of those picture ledge shelf thingies like I see in the Pottery Barn catalog.

new furniture 010

By the time I get done with this place, it'll be time to move!


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Hooked on Houses

I love that you posted the pics for me, Maya! Too funny.

Boy, when you said "bits and pieces," you weren't kidding. From what I can see of it, the sofa looks like it has...great feet and a sturdy arm. Ha.

Oh, I just figured out you linked to the website with a picture. Looks good!

Looks like everything's coming together there. What a neat lamp. No wonder V can't keep her hands off it. I haven't seen that chair at our Target and I'm wondering where they're hiding it? -Julia


It sounds more and more like home everyday. I've lived in my little house for 7 years and we still have no curtains and just a few rugs. It doesn't much matter, it still feels like home. Oh, rugs - do you have an Ikea near you? they are hit or miss, but when you hit - it's great!


luuuurve the chair. the linen look is gorgeous. :) Glad R likes it, too :)


Love everything! I hope R likes the chair. I love it, but I know G would hate it. ha.

I can't offer much advice in decorating. You should see the inside of my house, then you'd know why. We have no curtains. We have one rug that we roll up in the evenings to keep the pets off of it. (A plays on it during the day.) It's too small for the living room anyway. Sigh. Your sofa is a lot nicer than ours....I bought Sure Fit slip covers for our sofa and loveseat, and let me tell you, they are NOT a sure fit!! Double Sigh.


i freakin' love that chair!
your place is amazing!


I love brown and blue together too. That chair is too cute.


thats a beautiful chair :) You are right flowerly but not girly flowery :)) LOVELY


looks great -love your tasty new header!

Fighting Windmills

I like that chair and V's tattoos!

Mel Goodsell

The chair is beautiful - love the print so much.


It's home! I love the flowery chair and agree that it's flowery without being too feminine...very, very nice. that lamp is irresistible and shiny, i can't blame V for wanting to touch it all the time :) hope you're settling in.


thanks, y'all! we're getting there...so much left to do.

at least i'm not the only rug-deprived person out there. makes me feel better. :)


I really love that chair. Great taste.:)
In fact, I think it looks better there than the picture target has.
Glad everything is all coming together for ya'll.

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