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Nie Nie Day - a last-minute auction

UPDATE: The auction has closed. Deborah has the winning bid at $50! Thank you Deborah and God bless. Please email me confirmation of your donation along with your address to springtreeroad@yahoo.com and I will send the photo.


I'm so late, but I'm going to try this anyway.

If you haven't heard, Stephanie, who writes the Nie Nie Dialogues, was in an airplane crash with her husband. The pilot did not survive (God bless him and his family), but Stephanie and Christian are in the hospital in very bad condition. Design Mom is hosting an auction today to help pay for the family's medical bills and living expensive. I have only just read Design Mom's post about the auction and would like to put one of my prints up for auction.

Here are the rules:

-Bidding starts at $10.
-Bidding will end at 10pm EST on Sunday, August 31st.
-I will ship anywhere in the world.
-To bid, leave a comment, but please only comment if you wish to bid.
-Please only bid in whole US dollar amounts.
-The winner can donate directly to the fund through paypal and email me the paypal confirmation at springtreeroad@yahoo.com so I will know you've donated and then I will mail the photo.

Here's what's up for auction:

One 8x10 print of this photo, titled orange.

orange 8x10

Even if you don't wish to bid, please do me a favor and tell your friends about the auction - there are links to a huge variety of things to bid on at Design Mom, so check it out. Thanks!


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Please remember that bidding starts at $10. Thank you. Whether someone bids or not, I am pledging $10.


I'll bid 25$
It's a gorgeous shot, hope this gets things going!


I'll bid $30!

Lana Gibbons






Our love and prayers for NieNie and Christian! We bid $50.00

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