Making saft, pt. 1
What she doesn't want

Setting up

We got this great piece of furniture from Wal-Mart. Wal. Mart. It's part of their new Canopy line. It is a very well-made console (my grandmama would've called it a buffet) and the dark wood of it makes me feel like a grown up. Now if they'd just get their bookshelves back in stock, we could unpack our books.

The dishes and glasses are going inside so that the few cabinets we have can hold food. The bottom drawer will house V's silverware and sippy cups, so she can get them for herself.

setting up house 002

All the boxes from the kitchen are empty. Now on to the rest of the house...


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I love the new header!


thanks! :)


I hope it's starting to feel like home.

Beautiful new header!


I love the Canopy line of furniture. So clean. Glad you've moved into your house. I hope it feels like home!


oh, we're all about the berries right now too - love the header!

WOOT for the new wal mart digs - would have never guessed if you polled your blog fans on where you got this gorgeous new piece of furniture!


Fighting Windmills

Haha. Dark wood makes me feel grown up too. Congratulations on getting the kitchen boxes unpacked.

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