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Cupcakes for V

My dear friend Rachel from Memories of Mine to Thine sent V a lovely housewarming gift for her new kitchen - three awesome handmade cupcakes! So this morning, V decided to make a pumpkin pie.

v cupcake pumpkin pie ballerina 057

Then she decided it was a chocolate pumpkin pie.

v cupcake pumpkin pie ballerina 079

Then she went to the frosting store and got some frosting for the pie. She frosted the pie with her cupcakes.

v cupcake pumpkin pie ballerina 081

Finally, we ate the pie and the cupcakes! Oh, we are so decadent!

cupcakes for v

Chris from The Crafting Nook made the cupcakes. Thanks Chris - you did a great job. And thanks Rachel - you are the best! Hugs!



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rachel whetzel

HEE HEE This is why God didn't give me little girls... so I could play auntie to V. I love it!! So happy to see she likes them!



Kim Payne

Chocolate pumpkin pie actually doesn't sound too bad... of course, I like chocolate with just about anything!


I wish we could hold on to that creative spirit and playful attitude all of our days. Excellent job V!


ohhh, i want those cuppy cakes (as Bean calls them)

They are ADORABLE.

I think I'm going to have to get some sort of cute pink cupcakes for my pink obsessed chica.

V is still getting cuter and cuter. I love her imagination!

Wayfaring Wanderer

Cute cupcakes!


I am itching to make pumpkin pie...and V is a super imaginative kiddo...bravo to her!


out cute lil chef

Hooked on Houses

Looks delish! Too cute. -Julia :-)

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