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Details of Erwin, TN

I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but I'm feeling kind of ornery. When V starts with her 2-year-old belligerence I say, "Don't be ornery!" So I'm trying to tell myself that. Normally, I go along happily because things are pretty good in my life. I have no reason to complain. But the old dissatisfaction comes up from time to time where I simultaneously feel that I should be doing more and doing less. Don't ask me - I don't know what that means.

So last week, V and I drove out to Erwin, TN, and I took all sorts of photos. But when I went to edit them, I was feeling ornery and decided that I really only wanted to focus on the details, so I cropped them to try to capture what I thought were the most interesting parts. I've been thinking a lot lately about schooling. Homeschooling, specifically. This might seem unrelated, schooling and cropping photos for detail, but in my head they have everything to do with each other. I've been reading books and websites. My whole way of thinking has been turned upside down by this book. I'm still wrestling with it all. When I light on something like this, I tend to get a bit obsessed and then it's all I can think about or read about. At some point, my brain feels full and I have to take a step back.

Or in this case, a step closer. For some reason, I found the details of these photos soothing. I would never let vines grow on my porch like that, but look at how they're reaching up. They would cover the house eventually, if they were allowed.

Details of Erwin

When people paint things around their houses red and white, it can only ever remind me of my granddaddy. I'd like to meet the people who live in this house. Are they young? Or older? I hope they sit in that swing often and enjoy glasses of sweet tea. That's just what that porch was made for.

Details of Erwin

I love the steps to this porch. The little bit of red brick where the paint has worn off just makes it for me.

Details of Erwin

One more door before we move downtown. One more door because, well, look at it. It's gorgeous.

Details of Erwin

This is my favorite picture from downtown. This pretty much tells me everything I need to know about Erwin. It tells me I want to go back and stay a while.

Details of Erwin

I can't remember if this antique shop is the same one as the photo above or a different one. I'd love a good hour in there, but I'd settle for 15 minutes - especially if I didn't have to worry about little hands grabbing and breaking the pretty china.

Details of Erwin

A glorious church window.

Details of Erwin

Someone had a stained glass window made for their law office. Seems like that would be a necessity in this town.

Details of Erwin

An ice chest in an alley. But what I'm really wondering is who put the flower pot down next to it and how long has it been there? How long will it be there?

Details of Erwin

I have no answers yet, only more questions.


More small town excursions here. More photos from my trip to Erwin here.


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Hooked on Houses

Love how you chose the details to focus on. Like those vines growing up the porch. And an ice machine...behind bars?

So you're thinking of homeschooling V? Really? If I had the kids home with me all day and it was up to me to teach them everything, that's what would make ME ornery. Ha. In case you can't tell, I've been enjoying my quiet days since school began... -Julia :-)


Looking at all those porch photos, I'm feeling quite envious. Especially where there are porch swings involved.


I love the photos of those stained glass windows-stained glass always reminds me of my grampie!


I've been very interested in the way children learn too. It seems we are often pushing them too hard too soon and they just aren't ready. And we forget - they learn by everyday experience, watching and observing. Lovely photos!


I just moved from Erwin about 3 months ago. Nice place to visit... but oh. Did not enjoy living there. Mainly because I didn't know anyone, or meet anyone who seemed like a kindred soul. At all.

On homeschooling: I think you should come to some SOFH gatherings before V is even school age. Today at the meetup we had a long discussion about homeschooling and I wish you'd have been there.

I love your blog, your photography is stunning! I'm a subscriber now.


"But the old dissatisfaction comes up from time to time where I simultaneously feel that I should be doing more..."

That fits me perfectly. Though I rarely feel like I should be doing less, unfortunately.

We are seriously considering homeschooling too, Maya, so I look forward to hearing more about what you're thinking. I hope you're not feeling so ornery anymore.

Sorry I've been away. I haven't read any blogs in a while. I'm cutting down on it considerably, especially as I am trying to declutter my house.


Pretty :) the porch should have some blooms..the red and white one is very vintage but looks a lil bland without green around it :) dont u think so ?

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