V's first photos
the underside's bright amber

Home again

Today V went to her first Musikgarten class. We have quietly set aside the ballet class until January; then we will try again. So we're going to Musikgarten instead. V is the oldest kid in her class of four, but I think it's a good fit until she understands how things are done in the class. In January, she can move up to the 3-5 year old class if we continue with Musikgarten. I still feel a bit overwhelmed by finding things for her to do and friends for her to play with. We feel certain that we are going to homeschool (or unschool or tidal homeschool) and, while I certainly have nothing against her having friends who go to a traditional school, I would love to find a few people with kids in her age group who also plan to homeschool. But maybe I just haven't looked hard enough. There is still the SOFH meeting, and we will go to that again. She may be the youngest only child there (there are some young ones, but they have older siblings), but it's still something fun to do. I think I'm the one that's really feeling a bit lonely.

See this? It's a little candy dish, shaped like a log.

glass log 002

My mom gave this to me this past weekend. It was my grandmother's. She says it had a lid at one time, but it was broken. I love the detail of the tree rings on the sides.

glass log 003

Mom gave me two other things I'll share later. It's always wonderful when my mom gives me things I remember from the past (I just wish she'd have brought me some old pictures!). I can see that dish sitting up on the shelves in the den. I can see my grandfather out in the garden and my grandmother making cat head biscuits in the kitchen. I can taste those biscuits.

I put the dish in the window to take the picture, for the light. As I often like to do, I held the camera up and took a photo without looking through the viewfinder.

outside my window

I feel that lately my thoughts are going just like those branches - every which way. So I'm making lists to clear my head. That's the thing to do, right?


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I say lists are the thing to do if they work for you. If you can clear your head by taking walks or knitting or baking then do that/those instead. OR - don't clear your head. Go with the confusion and see where it takes you.

One day (no pressure)I'd love to read about why you are making the unschool choice...


It would be interesting for me to formulate (most) everything that has gone into my interest in unschooling (at least it would be interesting to me). There's a lot involved, for sure. I'll put that on my list. ;)

sarah jane

oh...that last photo is stunning. It says so much!

Fighting Windmills

My children both love Musikgarten! I hope V does too. I want to homeschool, but I'm not certain about it, I just talk about it a lot in the blogosphere. That must be my way of working through my doubts and sorting out my feelings. :)


Love the candy dish! I have a vase from my grandmother that is a similiar color. I collect a lot of carnival glass but I guess I never paid a lot of attention to the peach color so I have no idea what it is?! Do you? I bet it was super cute with the lid. It would be fun to go in and Catalog my glass maybe a fun polaroid project! We don't have Musikgarten so I will have to look it up. Maybe its like Kindermusik. Addy will be an only child too and possibly homeschooled soo I think we will be seeing where you come from there.


@Christina - not sure yet if V will be an only child, but she is right now. ;) i have no idea what kind of glass that candy dish is - or from what era. but my mom said she used to play with it when she was a kid and that's probably how the lid got broken, so it's at least from the 50s, possibly before then. i started trying to research it, but got sidetracked. i found one for sale on ebay, though. different color.

i think musikgarten is a lot like kindermusik. V loves it!


I stopped worrying about finding friends for Aidan for a while because we were so busy and now that worry is creeping back up. He really has no friends his age.

Love the candy dish. What a treat. (Pun unintended.)


Mentioning SOFH:

There is also Jamie, 2 1/2 years old, who comes alone with her mommy. I think you should come back soon (okay, tomorrow! we ain't doin squat except playin!) because you can talk about home/unschooling with the other moms.

We all come for the adult company as much as the benefits to our kids.


I love that candy dish...it needs to be replicated! beautiful photos, of course :)


Hi! I have homeschooled my daughter from K- 6th (can't believe she is in 6th grade) and my son has gone to school and been homeschooled for a few years (he's in 9th grade this year). I just wanted to suggest some sort of sport or art classes for your little girl. My kids have always made friends in the neighborhoods and even when we lived out in the country- we just met kids at the parks and then we would haul kids back and forth between houses to play. The Tidal School learning looks pretty neat- have checked it out before. I guess we are unschoolers now? I put together things for my daughter and we just adjust our days as needed. I think the most important thing when they are little is reading and learning from doing. So, anyway- my 2 cents. Parks, art classes, music (you've got that one), we also met kids at swimming lessons. Oh and when she gets a bit older, if she likes horses, there are tons of little girls in the group classes- although, it just wasn't a good group for my daughter. My son went to Montessori at 5 and we met so many kids and friends for me too from his little classes there- so many! Just a thought.... Love your blog!

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