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A typical kid

It's here!

V's new blue guitar is here. She's been playing and singing with it for about half an hour now and it's just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I wish I knew what I did with our little point and shoot - it's the only thing we have that shoots video. Grrrr.

She's pickin' and grinnin'!

new blue guitar 008

new blue guitar 005

new blue guitar 010

In other news, Windows wanted to download an update yesterday, so I did and now my screen is all wonky. Nothing is the right ratio - everything is too narrow. I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it. If you know, please let me know!


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Yes, she so sweet!:)
I was thinking... if she became a famous singer/guitarist she could use one of these picture as cover of one of her albums:)
(IMHO, the best picture is the 3rd).


That's so cute! What beautiful pictures of a happy little musician.

Wish I could help you with the Windows thing. How frustrating.

Fighting Windmills

Did you get that from Bebop Instruments? I know my children would love for us to have a guitar. I don't know that they would share one, though. It's probably asking for trouble for me to put a 1/4 size guitar on my wish list. :) V looks adorable.


Thanks, y'all! She is enjoying it tremendously.

Got the guitar from Rondo Music.


I saw these on Flickr. You can just see the delight in her eyes!


Have you tried going into the Control Panel and finding the Screen Resolution setting? I haven't had a PC in 2 years but you should be able to access the control panel from your "start" button. otherwise, do a help search for "screen resolution"...

and that's as tech-y as i get :)


Sorry. No can do on the windows question. Now if you were on a Mac, then we'd be in business.

Thank you for the lesson in slang!


i went to the control panel and changed the screen resolution, but it still looks stretched vertically. it's weird.


It looks like you have a future musician on your hands!

Kim Payne

Oh, the guitar matches her beautiful blue eyes!

And I agree with Amy - you can fix any Windows problem by buying a Mac.


im bad with the technical stuff :) i would have also fiddled around with the screen resolution.


What a cutie!


I want a blue guitar too, and then V and I can have a band.

You are welcome to come over for cookies anytime you like!

Hooked on Houses

My daughter wants one of these sooo badly. It's right at the top of her Christmas list. Maybe V and Lily can start a girl band. -Julia :-)


How Cute! George bought a keyboard, and he lets Aidan pound away on it. It's so cute.

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