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KidsHaus' Etsy shop/giveaway

I have been reading Michelle's KidsHaus blog for a while - I like it lots! She always manages to find unique things for kids that I never would've known about otherwise. But Michelle is also a talented artist. She recently opened a shop on Etsy where she's selling her gocco prints and I thought I'd share it with you because I think they are simply fantastic.

This is Frau Bird. She would go great in V's room with her new quilt, which has similar birds on it. I like feeling of motion from her song. I think she needs to fly on over to my house.

Frau bird

This one is new - it's called roar growl. I love the words on the print and how their eyes are closed. They are such the distinguished gentlemen!

Roar growl

This one, called Blooming, reminds me of the "me book" I had when I was a kid. It's all about a friendly giraffe named Ayapap Ayam who comes to visit me (Maya Papaya), and we spend the afternoon together. This one might have to come live with us too.

I hate to mention it because I really want to win and I don't really care to increase the competition, but Michelle is hosting a giveaway on her blog. The winner receives one print from her shop. So head on over and check it out. Good luck!


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sarah jane

I totally entered today...I love her blog too!!!! Can you get over how awesome her prints are??


ohmygoodness! you've upped the anty :). that's a hard act to follow. i'm blushing and gushing over your sweet post. thank you, maya...


Such cute prints! Thanks for sharing about KidsHaus.


Thanks for the links Maya Papaya!

kelly oliver

Love all the prints. What a talent! Each one is cuter than the next!

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