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Loving this dress I got from mette on Etsy. V will wear it to my brother's wedding this Saturday. Sure enough, once she put it on she didn't want to take it off. I don't blame her, really.

mette 002

mette 003

mette 005

mette 004

mette 006

I hope everyone will wish us a little luck on Friday. It's a 5-hour drive to Raleigh, NC, and, unless R can get off work a bit early, we won't be able to leave until about 8:30 or 9pm. You might not think this is a problem, but V will not sleep in the car. Not ever. When we drove down to Georgia a few weeks ago, we got there after midnight and she didn't sleep a wink for the whole 4+-hour trip. This time around, we're going to bring our white noise machine with us in the car instead of packing it (can't sleep without it), but I'm not sure that's going to help. V just doesn't want to miss a thing!


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The dress i lovely!
I can understand that V not sleeping might by a problem, but if she won't sleep because she is curious... Well, look at this good point, being curious is a really good thing for an human beings.


Ooh! That dress is scrumptious! I might have to check out Mette to get some stuff for India.

The white noise machine would have me asleep in five minutes. Hope it works for V!


Good luck is right! That sounds like it could be trying but you just never know... maybe this will be the trip. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Kim Payne

Oh, that is SO cute! Good choice.


Good luck on the trip! That dress is great and so are your photos!


The dress is so awesome! I want a grown up one!!!

I like the action pics :D


I saw these on Flickr. Such an adorable dress!


Dress: colorful and pretty..and i love your shots of V :)


simply adorable dress!!! that would be a fave around here too...

Fighting Windmills

Sweet dress. I am in shock that she would hold out on sleep for 4-5 hours in a car. My children both fall right asleep on trips like those. I hope you all make it safely and with lots of happy conversation.


Maybe some hard running around playtime right before the trip would help V sleep. God speed on the trip.


I said this: "Maybe some hard running around playtime right before the trip would help V sleep. God speed on the trip." but it indicates fighting windmills. How wierd. Paula aka afropix

Hooked on Housesh

Adorable dress for an adorable girl!

Boy, I know what you mean about kids who won't sleep in the car. Mine are both the same way. It makes long trips really brutal because they crash and burn as soon as we get there--usually with lots of relatives as witnesses.

Maybe if you slip a little Benadryl into her sippy cup... (*kidding!*)

Good luck and have fun at the wedding! :-)


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